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HIV/AIDS in Zambia: More than one million people are living with HIV in Zambia.

Most new infections are a result of heterosexual sex and mother-to-child transmission.

Zambia has made progress in reducing the prevalence of HIV in the general population and in increasing access to treatment.

The government and partners are aware of the social, economic, and political impacts of HIV/AIDS and has made universal access to HIV prevention services and treatment a major strategic goal.

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By April 2017, the program provided care and treatment to 65, 585 clients and that likely to steadily grow.

Patient- Centered HIV Care & Treatment: AHF Zambia’s three (3) stand-alone clinics are known for providing high-quality HIV treatment and services for about 14, 307 clients as of mid-April, 2017.

AHF’s mobile testing units provide free rapid HIV testing and condom distribution in public places such as markets and bus stations.

The program has also partnered with local organizations to offer door-to-door testing and counseling, and link those who test positive to care.

Since 2010, AHF Zambia has distributed about 11 million condoms and tested about1.5 million people.

Other services include laboratories and pharmacies at all AHF sites.

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