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Using this parameter doesn't guarantee that the page won't be indexed.A robot can get information about a page's existence from other sources.The only possible value is "noindex", which prohibits sending information about the page's existence to Yandex search robots.A robot can get information about a page's existence from other sources. Metrica tags can also be enabled using tag management systems (also called tag dispatchers or tag containers).These systems let you store all the necessary HTML/Java Script code on an external server and connect it to webpages using small code snippets. The data collected may vary depending on the type of code snippet.This means you can make changes to the connected code without changing the code of webpages. Use the following code to integrate tags using tag management systems. For more information, see Data collected by the Yandex. You can enable multiple tags at once inside each tag, in the same way as described in Installing multiple tags on a site.

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