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Poppy did not shared that she was pregnant again until July.'I’m hoping to get all of the privileges now of a real pregnant person,' she joked.Poppy even cried over ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ when it was sung at the World Series last month — nevermind that she’s a native Australian!

Poppy and Shawn began their romantic life early in 2011.

They married in a private ceremony She's also mom to Jackson, 9; with her former boyfriend, Adam Kaufman and the same is the case with Sanford.

Poppy broke up with her ex-boyfriend in the year 2011 soon after she encountered Shawn in Puerto Rico.

Poppy fell for Adam in 2005 when they were co-stars of Without A Trace.

Sanford is also the father of two kids Haley and Braydon from his previous marriage.

Meanwhile, the couple seems very happy and satisfied with each other since there is no rumor of divorce or extra-marital affairs.

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