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Scarlett Johansson is a Hollywood actress, who starred dozens of outstanding pictures.

The prestigious cinema awards marked her roles in the films «Lost in Translation», «Girl with a Pearl Earring», and «Match Point».

However, she managed to reach her potential brilliantly in the first half a year. As a result, she was transferred to a group for adults.In 1994, 10-year-old Scarlett Johansson debuted in the film «North» together with the beginning actor Elijah Wood.In 1995, she was working on one shooting stage with Sean Connery in the picture «Just Cause».In 1996, she played her first lead role in the movie «Manny and Lo», which was marked by the Independent Spirit Awards.A talented girl occupied the niche of the heroines of the better family films: «Home Alone 3», with the beginning actor Alex D.Linz, who replaced Macaulay Culkin; «My Brother the Pig», where Scarlett played a lead role shared with Eva Mendes, and a number of other similar projects.

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