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When Transylvanian construction worker Victor Spiresau, 30, flew in to Luton airport at 7.30am on 1 January, on his way to a job at a London car wash, he must have been surprised to be invited for coffee by a complete stranger in arrivals.Mr Spiresau had flown from Romania to take advantage of the lifting of UK labour market restrictions on New Year’s Day.He probably expected to be questioned by suspicious border guards.Instead, he was greeted by a smiling, well-to-do British Asian gentleman with a bald head and steel-frame spectacles.It wasn’t immediately apparent why Keith Vaz was at Luton.Being a Labour MP, he wasn’t representing the Government; nor was he there to condemn coalition attempts to restrict immigrants’ access to welfare services.The only complaint he raised was about the Government’s lack of “robust estimates” of the numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians heading for the UK, and to suggest a referendum.So was it just a publicity stunt from a man who loves to be in the public eye?

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Or was he there as a walking embodiment of successful immigration?For he is one of the UK’s most glamorous and influential British Asians, and the longest-serving in Parliament.He’s been MP for Leicester East since 1987, a member of the Privy Council since 2006, chairman of the Home Affairs committee since 2007.And he has spent much of his 26 years in the corridors of power mired in near-scandals, actual scandals, watchdog scrutinies, leaks, accusations, investigations, complaints and a suspension.Vaz has glided through it all in his serene, elaborately polite way.He’s been christened “the Teflon MP” and “Keith Vazeline” for the way he seems to slide past trouble, lubricated against failure.

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