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And to make the day that much better, we got a snow day!

Called Jeff in the morning to let him know and had a nice time sleeping in for once.

But he's already planning his life 4 years from now in a far off place, it's his ultimate goal. It's just a reminder or smack in the face really that there's a possibility that our lives will just go in two completly different directions. And i know he'd ask me to go with him, so it's really a question of am i willing to follow him wherever?

It's scary thinking of leaving Canada..again, another thought for another day in the future when we're going to cross that bridge. But it's just another one of those reminders that you can never have life fully understood and planned out. I couldnt help but think the entire time after hearing that at Williams, i was off in myself rather then there with him.

I pretended to read but i just kept thinking...where are we headed?

Does he want to be with me seriouly in the long run?

We're dating to see where things lead, to see if we're meant to be..we have gotten more serious lately, we've taken that next step. So far, a good Valentines day :) Im glad he took that time to hang out with me for a little bit and buy me a little something.

I just hope this isnt all for nothing, that we end up in two opposite directions away from each other. Hopefully we'll have our valentines day together tomorrow though! There's nothing better then that, and walking into a room to him with open arms smiling at me 3 It's the little things that mean the most.

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