Updating an old headboard and footboard

If you have an outdated, battered headboard, simply cover it up.

Holly Mathis of Holly Mathis Interiors made an easy slipcover with minimal sewing. It's easy to replace as you change your bedroom's design style.

What makes DIY headboards so interesting is the fact that they go beyond the basics and they usually also double as decorative pieces for the bedroom.

It all started with a practical purpose, to isolate sleepers from drafts and cold.

The designs then escalated and became more and more ornate and aesthetically pleasing.

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The first project is realized from scrap materials salvaged from a burn pile. This unique headboard gets a rustic, but yet shiny glamorous feel.The main item is an old door paired beautifully with a vintage gate taken from a waste dump. It was possible by cutting into this shape a piece of corrugated tin.The arrangement took a little bit of imagination and spray paint and the result is like a crown for the king-size bed. This common, traditional texture of the material can be recognized, but this headboard is anything but ordinary..A pair of reclaimed old doors add a tremendous visual weight to this dreamy bedroom.The airy bedroom is enhanced by plenty of natural light and white painted walls.Also into the room can be found other vintage elements starting with the sparkling chandelier..

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