Updating account information


You can update your account information at any time by visiting the My Account section of the website (look for the link at top-right of any page).Select "Personal Information" to update your password.To update your billing address, please visit "Address Book" link on the left navigation. For your profile photo, select "Change Photo" to update, "Take Photo" to take a new photo, or "Choose from Library" to select an existing photo.Profile photo changes require up to 24 hours for review.

(Acceptable documents are listed below.) NOTE: Changing the name on your PTIN account will not change your name on other IRS accounts (i.e. You will need to contact the other appropriate business unit for name changes on other accounts.

To submit a request online, go to the main menu and under the ‘Manage My PTIN Account’ section select ‘Submit a name change request’ from the drop down menu.

Follow the online prompts to enter the name change and upload the required supporting documents.

You will be prompted to review the requested change and documents.

Finally, you must attest to the accuracy of the information to complete your online submission.

If you prefer to send a written request, it must include the following information along with the required supporting documents.

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