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It’s safe to say that a communication gap has existed between older and younger generations since the dawn of time.

“Couple goals” is used to describe ideal moments between a couple—like if a man buys his girlfriend 100 roses for Valentine’s Day, that might be considered “couple goals”—while “body goals” is used to describe a person’s ideal body, and “life goals” is used to describe someone tanning on a beach. The word “relationship” has been shortened to just “ship,” in order to work as a verb that basically means you support two people who are together.Maybe you ship (or “approve of”) two people dating because they’re your favorite celebrity couple.And for more ways the Internet is broadening our communication, take a look at 20 Memes That Perfectly Capture 2017.No, not as in: “My pants are so tight, they no longer fit,” or “this cap is screwed on really tight.” In Millennial parlance, “tight” is used to describe a person who is upset, mad, frustrated, or irate—especially if the person holds a grudge.If a date stands you up, you might be considered tight about it.If your boss embarrassed you in the office, you might be tight about it.

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