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The scene in Dirty Dancing when Patrick Swayze's Johnny lifts Jennifer Grey's Baby is one of the most copied moments for couples.But for some, the daring stunt proves too difficult to pull off.In a hilarious video, shot in Escondido, California, a bridesmaid and groomsmen saunter out to an announcement from the DJ and applause from guests.The groomsmen trots forward while Swizz Beatz 'It's Me B*****s' plays in the background and turns to face the woman.

The video ends with everyone laughing and sighing huge waves of relief as the wedding reception continues into the evening.Keeping germs from spreading this flu season starts with washing your hands - but just how hard is it to get rid of bacteria?Daily Mail Online used Glo Germ lotion that revealed under a UV light how dirty our hands really are and showed how easily germs can spread to the things you touch regularly, like a coffee cup and keyboard.We tested the differences between washing your hands for five seconds, the recommended 20 seconds and using hand sanitizer to show what's left behind even after a 'thorough' wash.With health officials warning everyone to wash their hands to prevent the spread of the deadly flu that has killed 53 children, we show just how dirty our hands can get, how easily germs can spread and what you need to do to make sure you're in the clear during the worst flu-season in recent history.Glo Germ is a liquid rubbed on your hands like lotion that simulates germs to teach proper handwashing techniques and general infection control.

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