Time out dating survey

The United States placed second, with 8.7% of respondents voting that American was their favorite accent. Here's the full list: French, the language of love, placed a measly fifth; however, Frenchmen might prefer to cite the findings of a survey from 2013, which found that French was the world's sexiest language. 4, respeectively, meaning English-speaking languages rounded out the top four spots.

Tinder says the perception that its users aren't on the app to find love is misinformed.

In fact, they report that 35% of online daters say "I love you" within the first three months of being in a relationship, with the number for offline daters being slightly lower at 30%.

Interestingly, their surveys also discovered that men are 7% more likely, overall, to say "I love you" than women are.

Fully aware that there is surely a segment of its user base that views it as a hook-up app, Tinder surveyed daters on their safe sex practices, or lack thereof.

They found that 70% of online daters report practicing safe sex most of the time or always, compared to 63% of offline daters.

The survey also found that 67% of Tinder users always use a condom when having sex with a new partner for the first time, while the number for offline daters is 58%.

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