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Please tell me about Roger Hazard on Sell This House. "In the 1990s I began purchasing, renovating and ‘flipping' homes in Atlanta, Ga.," he recalls.

After graduating from Texas A&M University, he owned and operated a plant leasing and landscaping business.

Hazard was born in Freeport, Texas, and raised in Houston.

"In the mid ‘90s, I moved to New York City, and by combining landscape design, home renovation and interior design, was able to travel the country.

My reputation eventually led to my career in television." Hazard hosts the A&E network's Sell This House and Move This House with Memme, but they're not a real-life couple.

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It was a fun show, and I wish the cast and crew much continued success with the new version. Furniture Company Celebrity designer and stager Roger Hazard, known for his television shows ‘Sell This House,’ ‘Sell This House: Extreme,’ and ‘Move This House’ — all aired on A&E — has launched Decades, an online furniture and accessories company that creates built-to-order designer pieces at a surprisingly affordable price point.“After filming a few hundred episodes around the country, transforming houses of all shapes and sizes on a tight budget, I’ve proven that a stylish home is very attainable,” said Roger Hazard. We want to provide furniture that is built to last for years.”Hazard had grown frustrated attempting to find furniture and accessories for his private design clients.Stay tuned here (on FB) as well–we’re developing a new TV show and will be keeping everyone updated as that unfolds.”He also linked to the following press release with details about another big project of his: Designer Roger Hazard Leaves TV To Launch Made-In-U. “It was always a challenge to locate unique pieces in the right size or color,” said Roger.“Custom designer furniture was often an order of magnitude more expensive than retail, putting it out of reach for most homeowners.”That’s not the only new adventure he’s embarking on, though.Remember when I told you that he was selling his Modern Farmhouse in Austin back in January?On his blog Design Hazards, he tells where they’re going from here:“Chris and I are moving to the historic village of Sharon Springs in upstate New York to renovate an Italianate Victorian house.We’re going to document every step of the process, sharing our ideas for creating big style on a small budget.”Follow his blog and FB page for updates and photos as they start the renovation.

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