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They really aren’t any more attractive than other races of women.

Why are they known around the world as such great lovers?

Some say they aren’t particularly pretty at all compared to other Asian girls.

Yet they still have a great reputation from many men that have been with them.

There are a few reasons, but the main one is quite simple.

At its simplest form the easiest way to say it is that Filipina women are really horny.

Kiss a sexy Filipina on the neck and she is instantly turned on and ready for anything.

There have been many girls here who wanted to do more rounds in one night than I wanted to.If you told me something like that was possible before I moved to Asia I would have thought you were crazy. When I first got back to the Philippines after my hiatus in Cambodia and Thailand I messaged a girl on Pinalove who came right to my room.Within 3 minutes she was blowing me, I didn’t even know her name.She was on her period so we couldn’t bang, instead she gave me 3 blowjobs and said she would be back in a few days.When she came back she said she wanted to do it 10 times. 4 hours later after our 6 round luckily she said that was enough.I probably would have had to put a stop to it if she didn’t.

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