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A big thunderstorm hits outside the hospital and the ER braces for the onslaught of traffic accidents.Paramedics bring in a patient and Luka immediately assists.He finds out quickly that the woman, Claire, has been in a coma for six years.While helping a man with a spike through his leg, Abby asks Dr.Lucien Dubenko if he's okay because she saw him up in oncology for his annual screening.He tells Abby he has prostate cancer and needs to have surgery. Meanwhile, the fender benders begin piling up and a woman, Judy, and her baby daughter, Grace, are brought in from an alleged hit and run/carjacking.The baby is in bad shape and Neela questions Judy about what happened.She tells Neela that she didn't need to go out in the rain, she could've waited, but someone simply ran her off the road.

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Judy doesn't want to look at the books because she didn't know that her daughter's car seat was clicked in.She made up the story about being carjacked and she deliberately got in the accident. Judy vehemently denies that she would do anything to Grace, but Neela thinks she has postpartum depression.Neela asks Brad, Judy's husband, if Judy drinks or does drugs or if there's been any change in her mood.Brad flies off the handle and demands to get their daughter back so they can leave.Neela has a hospital psychiatrist check on Judy, but she denies that she talked to Neela at all and as a result, the psychiatrist can't do anything.Judy and Brad leave with Grace, despite Neela's protestations. Jason, the man's son, spots the other motorist who ran into his father on the road.

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