Rosario dawson is dating


Rosario Dawson says she was sexually abused as a child at the hands of a family member.

The 38-year-old actress, speaking on the Morado Lens podcast, revealed how the horrifying experience shaped her view of the world and how she wasn't surprised to see similar abuse in Hollywood.

'I was raped and molested as a child, so for me, the world was like that since I was a child' the Luke Cage star told hosts Cindy Rodriguez and Nathalie Farfan.'So when I saw it in the workplace, it wasn’t foreign to me.

That the death knell has struck on abusive power, and that it's time to celebrate each other - not just the nominees on our film and television screens but our storytellers who have bravely come forward and courageously shared their stories which have liberated so many of us.'Later in the podcast Rosario, discussed her cousin Vaneza Ines Vazquez, who she tragically lost last year at the age of 26.'When Vaneza died, it was like, "Oh, my God." Regardless of how well I’ve spent these years, I’ve already got 12 more years of life than Vaneza will ever have,' she said.It’s just another day and just another privacy breach.This time hackers have leaked nude pictures and explicit videos of celebrities including Sin City’s Rosario Dawson, Miley Cyrus, British actress Suki Waterhouse, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ Kate Hudson and Dexter’s Yvonne Strahovski.The content was leaked and uploaded on a so-called celebrity gossip site Celeb Jihad.Reportedly, all the above-mentioned celebrities were completely nude in the new photos.However, in Rosario Dawson’s case, hackers also uploaded a video of her’s in the bathtub recording herself.

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