Resume ofr dating


tags: blind date, breakup, date, dating, dating resume, fun, humor, life, loss, love, marriage, me, men, musings, my life, online dating, people, plenty of fish, random, random thoughts, relationship, relationships, self help, sex, wedding, women To whom it may concern, My name is Catherine and I am uniquely qualified for the position of X’s girlfriend, soul mate, life partner and future wife.

Enclosed you will find my resume, which details my extensive dating and relationship experience.

As I am dedicated to self-improvement, I am working vigorously to improve upon my weaknesses to become a better life partner.Thank you very much for this opportunity and your time to review my materials.I look forward to talking with you further about this exciting position.Sincerely, Catherine Catherine Marie Richmond (okay, Chester), VA [email protected]://simplysolo.OBJECTIVE To obtain a fulfilling and rewarding position as X’s girlfriend, soul mate, life partner and future wife.EXPERIENCE Currently serving as a pseudo girlfriend for a local Chef.While this relationship is structured as having no titles, we hang out at least once a week and text each other daily.

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