September 5, 2010 Posted in PHP Update: please see my new post: PHP 5.3 Isn’t That Bad Media Wiki doesn’t like PHP 5.2.8, I had to upgrade PHP to install Media Wiki.Port Upgrade upgraded PHP to 5.3.3 successfully, but it got problems while upgrading PHP modules, it’s mainly caused by the change of PCRE package which became part of PHP on Free BSD since 5.3.If you need to upgrade to PHP 5.3.x, make sure you read March 8, 2008 Posted in PHP There is really no any reason to continue using PHP 4 and My SQL 4 except being lazy.The upgrade was quite smooth and took about 1.5 hours including compiling time.

I have tried several things, including different usb/hdmi ports, updating drivers, reinserting cable into headset (many, MANY times), but still will not connect.

The sensor connects fine, but the rift's usb and hdmi do not.

The LED light on the Rift blink 3 times fast then 3 times slow, then turns orange and blinks in the same pattern.

# less /20100518 /usr/ports/UPDATING20100518: AFFECTS: users of devel/apr0, devel/apr1, www/apache20, www/apache22 AUTHOR: [email protected] devel/apr port has been renamed to devel/apr1.

WITH_APR_FROM_PORTS=yes for www/apache22 has been dissolved and may be removed from your configuration files; devel/apr1 is always used now.

17, 2012 Contents 1 - Summary 2 - Dependencies 3 - Install msmtp 4 - Msmtp configuration 5 - Shell script 6 - Zabbix configuration 1 - Summary This guide will show you how to use msmtp with TLS/SSL capabilities for email notifications in Zabbix Server in Free BSD. Zabbix Server is the server software that installs on a server and receives information from network devices. # cd /usr/ports/mail/msmtp/ Select only the following options.

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