Of intimidating people


Sure, this is important, but the question in my mind is, do they know it can be a winning battle? But she tells me there’s been a battle she has had to fight to be able to be this way around everyone.“My whole body was shaking,” Karen says. I knew this was something I needed to do, but really, I felt like just curling up into a fetal position.“I was afraid.“I had just started a new job, and part of what the job entailed was dealing with some people with overpoweringly strong personalities and who seemed extremely straightforward and tactless.“I knew it wasn’t God’s mind that I should let myself be pushed around, intimidated, and afraid of people.

She is easy to talk to and comfortable to be around.

What helped me was to think, ‘God is in complete control of the situation and He does not put me in any situation that is too much to bear.’ (1 Corinthians )“When I start to feel those symptoms of fear and anxiety, this verse has been particularly helpful for me: given me a spirit of fear for this situation. If I can see those intimidating people the way God sees them, if I can have that same love, then I don’t have to fear them, but more than that, I also want to make it good for them.

This is not something that is meant to make me afraid. Being afraid has nothing to do with having a sound mind, and it is not the solid foundation that God wants for me.“God has all power and all might for me in every situation, so that I can be a person that acts and does what needs to be done. I want to have that same love for them that God does. ’ I then come out of my selfish thoughts and into a love for the others, where I rather think about the battles that they might be fighting, instead of worrying about myself.

God wants me to have a spirit of power and a sound mind in this situation.’ I repeat that to myself, and consciously focus on the words in that verse.“When I allow myself to be comforted by, and draw power from, these words, I think more clearly – ‘of a sound mind.’ Then I see that there is a task God has prepared for me in this situation, and it’s not to be afraid. These people are in my life so that I can learn something about myself and cleanse myself, or so I can bless and help them, or both.”“Another verse that has been a powerful weapon for me is:1 John .“I came to realize that it was ridiculous that I can’t be around certain people because their personality intimidates me. Now I can go into those same situations, and when I’m tempted to be afraid or overwhelmed, I strengthen myself with that verse. God has the same care for this person as He does for me.”“So whoever I’m with, I don’t need to be afraid. Fear often comes because I seek other people’s honor, I want them to think well of me, but like the verse in John says: Since then, I’ve come into situations where I’ve actually thought, ‘Why was I scared of this person?

’ Now I can actually do things with them, and say things, to be a blessing. Help me be a blessing.’ I can overcome my fears and have it good with people, even though our personalities don’t naturally click.

Sometimes it’s still a battle, so I have to take up a conscious battle: ‘No. Then the result is that I can get along and have it good with everyone.

Connections can be built with people when I think outside myself.”I knew nothing about Karen’s battle, but I’m glad that she shared it with me.

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But think not it is by way of menace, or to intimidate you to favour me.In short, though you can intimidate him, you cannot bluff him.Was it not, then, the shout the warriors make when they wish to intimidate their enemies?Circumstances were not the same as before, however, and he failed to intimidate them.Was the fool about to intimidate him with talk of supernatural vengeance?On this occasion Beatrice dressed to dazzle and intimidate one of her own sex.

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