Nikki cox dating


Nikki Cox is a famous American actress with hot body measurements. Cox weighs 138 pounds and wears currently 34C bra size.

At the time of the filing, he also submitted an emergency petition to seek full custody of their son.Mohr alleged in the legal documents that his wife self-medicated to cope with her depression and he fears for their child’s safety.A few days later, however, Mohr changed his mind about the divorce."We are very married, very in love and that’s really all there is," he said at the time (via ).EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are '100% Together,' Split Rumors Not True Mohr and Cox, 38, got engaged in February 2006 and tied the knot in December of the same year.After two years of marriage, Mohr filed a petition in Los Angeles Superior Court to legally take his wife's last name, which made his new full name Jon (his birth name) Ferguson Cox Mohr.

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