Nickhun dating victoria


2PM Nichkhun and f(x) Victoria have become a new couple on the MBC real variety show 'We Got Married."Although they have not yet been on an episode, they have finished their first filming.Fans have not had only-complimentary things to say about their pairing.

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Idols these days have changed greatly from the past.If idols from the past wavered on the boundary between humans and gods, nowadays fans feel a bit closer to their idols, as if he's the good looking oppa from school.Even so, it is dangerous to talk about idols dating.This is because fans don't want the celebrities they like to be close to any one person.What's worse, companies lay down a rule of 'No dating' for their celebrities.2PM Nichkhun's fans call him 'Angel Nichkhun.' His white skin, cute face, and bright smile have received a lot of love from fans.As one might notice, the nickname 'Angel Nichkhun' has a more significant meaning for Nichkhun's fans than simply 'a good looking celebrity.'It is therefore obvious that fans would not like the news that Nichkhun is getting married (even if it may be a fake marriage).

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