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Saxobeats is the debut studio album recorded by Romanian singer and songwriter Alexandra Stan, released on 29 August 2011 by Play On Records.

It was mainly written and produced by Marcel Prodan and Andrei Nemirschi, who recorded it at their Maan Studio.

To promote the album, Stan performed on various concert venues and released four tracks as singles.

"Lollipop (Param Pam Pam)", the first one, was heavily broadcast in native Romania, while "Mr. The third release, "Get Back (ASAP)", was moderately successful on European charts, and "1.000.000", the last single, featured vocals from German–Zimbabwe rapper Carlprit.

In 2009, the singer was discovered by Romanian producers and songwriters Marcel Prodan and Andrei Nemirschi at a karaoke bar, who offered her a record deal with their own label, Maan Records.

She also recorded a promotional single called "Show Me the Way" that year.

Saxobeats, her debut studio album, was recorded at the producers' Maan Studio, with the singer recalling in an interview with Direct Lyrics prior to the record's release that it "was the best time of [her] life.

[She] really enjoyed working with them and [she] had a lot of fun." All Music described Saxobeats as a hi-NRG and dance album, while labelling "Mr.

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