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I have several friends who recently took the Bar Exam.In part, the Bar Exam requires exam takers to memorize laws and then take an intense exam based solely off of their memory.Many joke that this is just a hazing ritual, because in the real world, attorneys do not memorize laws. We do not rely on memory alone because what if we remember incorrectly? I don't have every law memorized, even if I had many of them memorized for about a month while studying for the Bar Exam years ago.Additionally, laws often change so it's important to do your research. Many of the laws that affect family law are ones we deal with every day; however, there are a lot of people in the world and a lot of different scenarios.I recently conducted a consultation where a gentleman wanted his marriage annulled because it turned out that he was married to his first cousin. § 19-3-3 that marriage is prohibited between a father and daughter or stepdaughter; a mother and son or stepson; a brother and sister of the whole blood or the half blood; a grandparent and grandchild; an aunt and nephew; or between an uncle and niece. If you would like to marry your first cousin in Georgia, you apparently can. If you have married your first cousin, you're going to have to seek a divorce and not an annulment if that is the basis on which you were going to seek your annulment.If the marriage is one that the law forbids, then it was not a valid marriage from the start and it can be annulled. If you have questions about your family law situation, do not go on assumptions.I remember studying for the Bar Exam and learning about how Georgia law deals with situations similar to this one, but it's been awhile. Consult with a family law attorney who can look it up.

Surely, it's just a joke and it's illegal to marry your cousin in Georgia, right?

When two sisters marry two brothers, their children have the same two sets of grandparents.

Unlike most people, who have a cousin that has grandparents that you've never met or care about; these cousins share both sets of grandparents.

Divorce is very hard for these families, if divorce happens to one set of these parents, every family get-together is a fight between the still married couple, the wife wanting her sister present and the husband wanting his brother present, but neither one of those people wanting to be around their divorce' Jane Smith wanted her sister Jill Smith to meet her boyfriend, so Jane and Jill decided to set up a double date. Now Jane and John are divorced, family get-togethers SUCK!

When they all met at the restaurant, they discovered that Jane's boyfriend, John Parker, was brothers with Jill’s boyfriend, Joe Parker.

After catching up with an old friend today she was filling me in the goings on in her life.

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