Michelle valles dating ray benson

Ray Benson is best known as the leader of Asleep At The Wheel, America’s foremost exponents of Western Swing and the music of Bob Wills.Benson has kept The Wheel going for more than 43 years, making them easily one of the country’s longest running bands.Close to 100 members have passed through the group.They’ve won several Grammys and are on the road constantly with tours that seem like they’re scheduled by someone throwing a dart board at a map.Benson recently figured out that’s traveled somewhere between 250 and 3 million miles on the bus.Born in Philadelphia, Benson started playing the guitar at nine, and was performing on major stages at 11.

At a concert in Denver, bringing Benson onstage as guest guitarist, Dylan said, “Asleep At The Wheel’s been on a lot of shows with us and they’re the best group I’ve ever heard, probably.They’re the most genuine group.” During the past year Benson’s been recording his second solo album, A Little Piece (Bismeaux Records). Instead Benson delves into other forms of music that he’s liked, listened to and played all along.Of the album’s 11 songs, nine are originals and are the most personal songs he’s put on disc.There are songs of heartbreak, broken relationships, and the search for peace of mind.The gently finger picked title track is pleading prayer for kindness and good will.The music covers several genres, and there is a lot of astounding playing not only from Benson, but the superb crew of Texas musicians he chose to accompany him. I produced a record of them and Willie Nelson doing “I Never Cared For You.” I had written a song that was very angry, flamenco, and I just started playing it.

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