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The series follows Riley Parks (Jennifer Love Hewitt), who, after her husband abandons her and their children, leaving her in financial debt, accepts work at a day spa in her small Texas town, but refuses when she learns that for some clients the masseuses provide more than massages.But pressed to support her children, she relents and earns extra money through unspecified erotic services.As she deals with her children, her mother, her friends, the girls at the spa, and various men who want to romance her, Riley tries to keep her work in an erotic limbo a secret.The show is based around Lifetime's 2010 television film of the same name, with Jennifer Love Hewitt reprising the lead role.The series, however, is a re-imagining of the film and is not a direct continuation of the film's storyline.The most notable change is that the husband of Hewitt's character abandons his family in the television series before she becomes involved in prostitution, whereas in the film he leaves with their children after the scandal is exposed.The pilot was written by Jordan Budde, and the film's producers all executive-produced the series alongside Hewitt.

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Early on Hewitt was involved in the casting of her masseuse clients, although as the show went on she dialed back her involvement in this.

This, in part, led to a complaints that that " the guys were all so good looking" later the team tried to cast "t more real guys" although by this point the network refused insisting on "hot guys" The first of these materials, released on January 26, 2012, featured Hewitt performing Shirley Bassey's "Big Spender" in a music video-style advert, in reference to the true nature of the work at the massage parlor.

Riley Parks, a single mom from Texas, is left alone with her children after her husband Kyle abruptly leaves.

In financial trouble and desperate for a job, Riley gets hired at a massage parlor called The Rub.

It's not long before she discovers that The Rub has a client list concerning men who expect "extras".

Faced with a tough decision, she decides that in order to protect her family, she must do what she has to do.

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