How to be non intimidating seminar


I had little understanding of this approach to studying the Bible so I wanted to learn more.For anyone who desires to go deeper in mining God’s Word but feels stuck, this might be a good template to follow.I’ve relaxed mine to help me because one of the main goals from studying the Scriptures is that . You couldn’t apply the principles if the verses read like gibberish or nice but lofty poetry, right?Since attending the seminar I have really enjoyed working through Acts, Ephesians, and Romans using a structured style to personal study.I don’t say that to show off at all but to hopefully encourage you that this is doable and the Bible doesn’t have to be intimidating or confusing.When I’m going through a text I first try to read through it and find a good breaking point. My goal is to cover the entire chapter eventually, but start small so I don’t feel overwhelmed.

-You can take nothing with you in death except your faith in the Lord God.

————— This part is where I ask: If the entire Bible points to Him, and every story whispers His Name, then I need to know what that means, especially in the Old Testament.

So when I read the text again, I’m looking for ways this is true. Jesus is the comfort the Lord refers to; He is the One Who paid for our sins, giving us life and freedom. I read the section again, this time with a mindset of how I can apply this wisdom to daily life.

Here are a few examples of what I learned: -Be a voice in this desert.

The world is sinking on the shifting sand they stand on.

– Walk with humility, knowing there is a beginning and an end to my life.

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