Henry rollins dating liza richardson


But to many of us who count ourselves among his admirers, the autobiographical monologues he’s performed for more than 25 years are the Rollins project we most prize.

It’s not like being a movie star, where there’re always another one of you coming up behind you. So I’ve got 30 more years to get ready to do this kind of thing again.Yeah, I’ve managed to carve out my own dubious niche in the world. I think there’s just too much comedic value there; I can’t touch it. On the subject of generational disconnect, I want to ask you about a clip I saw on Gawker that I believe, just going from the subtitles on it, originated on German television.You and the Iranian artist Shirin Nichat are in a record store in Manhattan, and you’re pointing out some records that you like to her.Then a woman who looks like she might be in her early 20s shouts out “Get in the Van!”—-the title of your book about your years on the road with Black Flag—-and you charge over to her. Because of her, I went to Iran and met her mother and her sister and her whole family. I took photos and sent them to her, and she was extremely happy to have those because I don’t she’ll ever be going back there.There may have been much more happening in that situation than was apparent from a little video clip on the Web, but it looked very confrontational. So there’s this TV show—-I think it’s called a German show, I believe—-where they take two people who’ve never met and they film you walking around.

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