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After televising a long-distance cruise and the stitch by stitch knitting of a pullover, Norway has launched its latest 'Slow TV' project: following the reindeer migration in Lapland - for 168 hours straight.But the live broadcast, which began on Monday, has suffered a glitch of sorts: the lead female reindeer has refused to budge, which doesn't exactly make for a thrilling audio-visual experience.The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) intends to televise Reinflytting: Minutt for Minutt, which chronicles the spring migration of the reindeer, for about a week.The animals, numbering around 1,000, are expected to be on the move - from Suossjavri to Kvaloya - for between six and nine days.And the many expectant TV viewers are eager for the action to begin.While the herd leader stays immobile, the film crew are trying to stay patient.

Drones, camera crews on snowmobiles, and even a camera mounted on one of the reindeer are documenting the journey of about 100km (62 miles), travelling at the animals' own pace.

At this time of year, the midnight sun is not yet shining down on Finnmark county, the most northern county in Norway, but the nights are still light enough to be able to broadcast 24 hours a day.'The reindeer will decide [the pace] depending on the weather conditions and the grazing possibilities along the way,' Per Inge Asen, one of those responsible for the project, said.'There will definitely be a lot of breathtaking views of nature,' Asen added.

And, one hopes, a lot of breathtaking views of the animals actually migrating.

As for the TV crew, they have a different name for the show: 'The impossible project'.

The Norwegian ‘Slow TV’ was born on state broadcaster NRK in 2009 with centenary of the Bergen railway line.

Rather than commission a conventional feature programme on the line, NRK instead decided to stick a camera on a train and broadcast the entire seven-hour trip from Oslo to Bergen, interweaving archive footage to liven up the programme.

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