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Archdiocese in the province of Caserta in Campania (Southern Italy).

It is the ancient Caieta, situated on the slopes of the Torre di Orlando, a promontory overlooking the Mediterranean.

Gaeta was an ancient Ionian colony of the Samians according to Strabo; legend, however, derives its foundation from Caieta, the nurse of ├ćneas or Ascanius.

Among the ancients it was famous for its lovely and temperate climate.

Its port was of great importance in trade and in war, and was restored under Antoninus Pius.

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It was a strong bulwark against Saracen invasion, and in 847 aided Leo IV in the naval fight at Ostia.Later, however, looking rather to local safety, its dux, Docibilis, entered into treaties with the Saracens.From the end of the ninth century the principality of Capua claimed it, as a title for the younger son of the prince.In 1039 Gaeta, with Amalfi and Naples, acknowledged the rule of Guaimario, Duke of Salerno; about forty years later with the whole duchy of Salerno it became part of Robert Guiscard's new Norman territory.In the many wars for possession of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Gaeta, owing to its important strategic position, was attacked as often and as bravely as it was defended.In 1194 the Pisans, allies of Henry VI in the conquest of the kingdom, took possession of the town and held it as their own.

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