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After many iterations of our ultimate guide to Facebook privacy, we’ve decided to update it with the latest settings as Facebook privacy is still too complicated for many users.

We’ve dissected the numerous settings in order to uncover the most important ones.

Just as important as always are friend lists, the feature which enables you to segment all of your friends in to groups and then assign privacy settings to each of them.

While it may sound a bit excessive, separating out your Facebook friends into at least a few lists can be extremely valuable.

An example setup would be having three friend lists: As we navigate through this quick guide, you’ll see why I recommended using your friend lists.

While this isn’t the quickest step in getting yourself protected on Facebook, it’s a worthwhile one.

If you want to modify your friend lists you can do so by visiting this page.

The first thing you’re going to want to modify is the ability of your friends to check you into places without your permission.Scroll down to where it says “Friends can check me in to Places” and click on “Edit Settings”.You’ll then see a window like the one pictured above pop-up.Click on the box on the right and select “Disabled”.The only other settings you’ll want to modify possibly are the two pictured above.The first, “Places I check in to”, enables you to configure which of your friends can see your Facebook Places checkins.

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