Dating sim tutorial flash


then just come back and ask stuff step by step, dont ask for a "dating game script", since in flash you do not have one script, you usualy have lots of scripts all over the timeline in different objects.

Do you have some understanding of Flash and Action Script? Easiest thing would be to write down a concept, make some graphics, and then learn some action script...

Well after a few months of drawing and cartooning i started trying stuff out, got frustrated since there where few german tutorials and i used the german version back then, and then i decided to go buy a book (eur/), since it would give me a structured start...

I read it on a 40min train ride and after that i finaly understood the basics (since I have programmed php and perl a lot it was not really hard to "convert").

Every time someone asks a question here, there's always plenty of people ready to tell them that they'll never get the answer.

Just for the hell of it, here's how to make a dating sim.

Create a data object containing all the character properties you wish to persist, such as HP, skill levels, that sorta thing, as data members.

That is, more or less, the entire coding logic of every dating sim.All you have to do now is create MCs and buttons to bind the functions to and implement frame control (to change scenes based on situation). 1010011010 that last post was so awesome i'm gonna have to post about its awesomeness.Insert a cheezball storyline and rip off a manga artist's style to draw naked children, and viola! it was awesome i'd quote it but it's too big btw, how would the data object thing work?how would u do that (like how do u reference the data and how do u define it, how do u modify it) If you know AC and drawing in Flash, how referencing movie clips work, etc. If you don't know any of those things: don't even THINK about making one until you have some experience.Games like that take a while to make, so brace yourself for some serious PC time. Play Sim Man's new Visual Novel game here: https://

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