Dating royal copenhagen plates

The prices shown are based on delivery in the selected delivery area excl. (You find freight cost, by adding the item to the basket.- After stating you address, the system will show you freight opportunities and the related freight cost) When EU is selected as delivery area all prices are incl. If Other countries is selected as delivery area, VAT is not included in the prices shown.Go directly to the Sales basket, to finish your inquiry of selling to DPH (Please note, we normally do not buy a single product from abroad, because of the extra expense of transportation, customs clearance, payment fees etc.) Continue adding more items to the selling inquiry (Close window) Please add the requested items to the basked. The system will inform you of possible freight alternatives, as well as cost each type. If you need the item delivered before a specific date please inform us about the wanted delivery date in the comments field before you complete your payment.Then we will try our best to make sure your order reaches the destination on time. With his tireless efforts he made Denmark's first porcelain factory possible.He was infatuated with the thin and fine porcelain he had come across when travelling in Europe - Meissen, Germany mostly.Frantz Heinrich Müller experimented with the manufacture of porcelain after returning from his travels - and succeeded."Danish Porcelain Factory" opened with King Christian 7. The factory was situated in an old mail court in Koebmagergade, Copenhagen.Right from the beginning the factory had serious problems.

- everything seemed to be problematic in spite of the fierce efforts of Frantz Müller and his employees.

At the beginning of 1779 the economy was so bad, that the factory was taken over by the king and renamed " The Royal Porcelain Factory" - Abroad known as Royal Copenhagen.

It was decided from the very beginning in 1775, that the hallmark should be "Three Wavy Lines", symbolizing the three Danish straits (The Sound, The Little Belt and The Great Belt).

With little variation all Royal Copenhagen products have been marked with this logo ever since.

In spite of the initial difficulties, the factory soon accomplished a high-quality production.

Not untill 1780 had the factory "gathered" enough articles to open up the shop that had been planned from the beginning.

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