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There are two main types of longcase clocks, 8 day and 30 hour.

The simplest way to tell is that 8 day clocks have winding holes through the dial and two weights hung on lines.

30 hour clocks have no winding holes and only one weight hung on rope or chain.

Now that the pendulum is on, there is less likelihood of the movement falling forward. Manoeuvre the board backwards or forwards, from side to side, from underneath until the dial lines up perfectly in the hood aperture. With 8 day clocks, untangle the lines carefully and deal with one side at a time.The lines should be fully out and not tangled up around the wheels.Hold the line about one foot down from the board and pull it taut.Place the winding key on the square and wind very slowly, about 6 turns, whilst keeping the line taut and watching it feed onto the barrel grooves.Without releasing the tension on the line follow it down to the bottom to ensure there are no loops or kinks, turn over the pulley and place the line in the groove.Then hang on the weight making sure the tension on the line is not released until the weight is in place. With 30 hour clocks, check that the rope or chain is correctly seated on the sprocket within the movement.

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