Dating friends other women estj and entj dating

I've found that when people rate their most painful experiences, their spouse's affair usually gets the top rating.For that reason alone, couples should avoid an affair at all costs because of the suffering it causes the betrayed spouse.But there are many other reasons to avoid an affair.It's terribly damaging to the couple's children, and even to members of the extended family.And it also has devastating economic consequences for most couples that have experienced an affair.

So a reasonable precaution to avoid an affair is to avoid opposite-sex friendships.

But does that mean that all of these friendships are equally risky? It all depends on how many love units a friend of the opposite sex can deposit in your Love Bank.

To review my most basic concept (the Love Bank), whenever someone of the opposite sex makes enough Love Bank deposits to breach the romantic love threshold in their account, romantic love for that person is triggered in you.

That person of the opposite sex becomes irresistible and that irresistibility, in turn, makes you somewhat irrational regarding the wisdom of the relationship -- you want that person to be in your life at all costs.

Opposite-sex friends have an unusual opportunity to make massive Love Bank deposits.

They can meet so many emotional needs that it's likely that they will breach the romantic love threshold -- unless you do something to prevent that from happening.

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