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Includes all fulfilled Public Records requests with the exception of police and accident reports/investigations and documents available only to requester due to personal privacy issues.

Please include contracts between La Guardia airport, JFK airport, and Newark airport, and their respective third-party snow removal providers who contract with them.This request encompasses snow removal services at air side, landside, and all airport property.For seaports, please include all contracts between the port and third-party snow removal service providers.For all other areas under the jurisdiction of the PA, please send third-party snow removal contracts. Kevin Wolfe - Request for a full copy of the Rider "A" General Addendum (i.e. the Structural Steel work for the Vehicular Security Center, Structure to Grade & West Bathtub Vehicular Access).If full contract information is unavailable, please send the monetary size of each contract between the PA and third-party providers; the duration of the contract; equipment lists; pricing sheets; and all other information pertaining to third party snow removal providers. Michele Strailey - Request a copy of the Rider "A" General Addendum (i.e. for the Architectural work for the Vehicular Security Center, Structure to Grade & West Bathtub Vehicular Access).Angie Roman - Request for a copy of the Payment & Performance Bond related to Contract No. Kennedy International Airport - Bulk Fuel Farm West End and Satellite Fuel Farm Remediation Systems Upgrades. Michael Klimaski - Request for all documents related to the Project: PATH - Grove Street Station Interim ADA PAT-024.139.

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