Cambodia ladyboy

Cambodia (also known as Khmer) is one of the most visited destination in South East Asia apart from Thailand, Lao, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore.

As being a home of one of the world's greatest ancient Kingdoms, Cambodia has millions of tourists from all over the world to visit its most important archaeological wonder - Angkor Wat - each year.

Not only historical sites that attract travelers to the country, Cambodia also offers some impressive unspoiled islands as well as full-on nightlife spots for those who want to have different choices other than those places in Thailand.

And for the past decade, Cambodia has become one of the potential rivals for Thailand in nightlife aspect because of its cheaper expenses.

Phnom Penh is a good little party town, offering a heady dusk till dawn nightlife and a variety of places from which to choose.

Bars and clubs are scattered across the town, but as the city is fairly compact and many of the bars are clustered on a few bar streets, its easy to hop between.

The riverfront area sports dozens of bars including many of the hostess variety up the sidestreets; the Streets 278/51 area of Boeung Keng Kang 1 (BKK1) area is dotted with bars including several travelers places; chic micro-bars crowd Bassac Lane off Street 308 off Norodom Blvd near the Independence Monument; and very late night Street 51 is undoubtedly the busiest pub street in town.

There's something for everybody - neighborhood bars and after-work places like Rehabb Pub and Sports Bar in BKK1, plenty of hostess bars, some good wine bars, at least a couple of places with live music, a few clubs, and for late nighters more than a few 24/7 bars, especially in the Street 51 area and near the riverfront.

@ The Office PM - Late A step up from the usual - a stylish hostess bar just off the riverfront.

Near two dozen exceptionally pretty hostesses with some pretty good English.

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