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A century ago, a 16-year-old Irish girl reluctantly arrived on Ellis Island, betrothed to a much older pub owner about whom she knew nothing.In love with a boy from her village, Bridget was devastated to become a New World bride.And though her husband was a kind man who stayed with her until his death, they never became close. One hundred years later, my own experience of single life in New York City could not have been more different.Bridget, my great-grandmother, had just one ship ride between adolescence and marriage; I've had 15 years of dating.

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It takes only a few principles of human nature, and insight into one's own desires.

While there's clearly no formula for how to meet The One, psychologists agree on beliefs and strategies that inadvertently hold people back.

This is not to say that the uncoupled are necessarily doing anything wrong; they may just not have stumbled into the right cafe at the right time.

Nonetheless, it's worth taking an inventory of your romantic life.

The successful single will be willing to turn a non-defensive eye toward his or her own dating patterns.

Here I explore a few romantic cul de sacs that many singles encounter.

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