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In this era of sharing everything, tweeting constantly, checking-in to every destination, and Instragramming every precious moment in your life, it can be difficult to find some semblance of peace or privacy.

And unlike what older generations may say about young people being obsessed with staying connected, it seems many are looking to keep some parts of our lives close to the vest.

Occasionally, we just need a break from the relentless streams of information being presented to us, whether that break happens digitally or in real life.

A new trend in anti-social media apps has surfaced, so check out these apps for the days when you want more control over your social life: 1. Initially it was constructed as a dating app for introverts but has since expanded its reach.

Meant to be an antithesis to Facebook, a place where everyone shares everything with all of their friends, Anomo users can use the app under an avatar.

Then they find other introverts they’d like to strike up a conversation with after a series of innocuous icebreaker questions, based on how Anomo matches you up.

Slowly, Anomo users can reveal bits of information about themselves, including hobbies, jobs, photos and, of course, their real names.

The app “allows you to reveal different pieces of yourself as you get comfortable with someone that you met,” which is, as Policy Mic’s Oliver Osborne wrote, a “more realistic depiction of how people build relationships in the real world.” 2.

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For those most serious about eliminating distractions and social media, the Anti-Social plug-in may be the answer.

Sometimes you’ve just got to buckle down, turn your phone off, quit Facebook temporarily and get your stuff done.

With this browser plug-in, you can set up “timed blocks” of social media sites for as many as eight hours. Avoid Humans “Your temporary respite from the masses,” Avoid Humans was developed with the craziness that is SXSW in mind.

You may be “turning off your friends,” as Anti-Social says, but you’ll also be extremely productive. Combing through social media data like Foursquare check-ins, Avoid Humans is one Austin ad agency’s way of helping agoraphobics find peace and refuge.

The app serves up a list of the least crowded places in Austin (where it’s exclusively available now, but other cities should be coming) in four categories: nightlife, food, coffee and refuge with a color-coded reference (green, yellow, red) letting you know if your imminent destination is safe.

Plus, Avoid Humans prompts are funny, if you know Austin culture at all; if the place you want to go is red, it is apparently “more crowded than a UT football game when the UT football game was good.” Use this app to learn where to make a phone call without chaos around you, or just to hear yourself think—and here’s to hoping someone makes a mobile app that works across the country. Avoid The Shopping Crowds This app is designed “to show you where all the cool people …

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