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The message that the artist, Romanian by birth and Italian by adoption, intends to transmit, is the "mutation" of meaning that takes place in the turning of history: born to celebrate the conquest of Dacia by the Romans, the Trajan's Column became with time the symbol of the inseparable historical link between Italy and Romania; if in the past it evoked the two wars brought by the Emperor against Decebalus, the King of the Dacians, today the Roman masterpiece is also a visual testimony of the origin of the Rumanian people.Completely made of aluminium, consisting of a 90 cm wide strip (about 3 Roman feet) and 34.05 m long, the installation is spread over a length of about 12.50 m, with a diameter of 1.40 m, maintaining a proportional ratio with the Trajan's Column of 1 to 3.It is entirely painted with a particular graphic-pictorial technique that the artist has been developing for years, starting from the silk-screen printing by hand, which makes the work unique.The inside shows a tribute to the Dacians, through symbols of pre-Dacian culture and spirituality, some linked to the theme of death.The contrast between the white of the writings close to the Roman lapidary character and the black of the symbolic drawings evokes the sense of drama, but in a contained and reflexive way, with traces of joy, typical feeling of the Dacians before facing sacrifice.

Each image MUST be followed by a caption and MUST NOT be cut and / or overwritten and / or have a superimposed text and / or tampered.Sie befinden sich auf der internationalen PERI Webseite. Lokale Informationen finden Sie auf der Webseite von PERI Deutschland. To protect what we have known as the best of possible worlds, it is necessary to choose the smallest detail. 87 AAW_Paris_2015_INVITATION pba will be showing at [email protected] Paris (November 19 – 20) and Milan (November 25 – 26), a platform for architects, interior … Starting from the study of the latest fingerprint reader pba has designed a new pull that combines innovation and instinct in everyday life. pba’s series of supports, complements, and accessories for the bathroom expands with Programma 400 ALU, its ultimate evolution.Grasping quality, knowing how things are done, and how people do it, is not a possibility, but the only … The Venice Gardens Foundation, a nonprofit organization with headquarters in Venice, was founded in 2014 to restore, maintain and manage historic gardens and sites. – 07.00 pm 11.00 pm PBA USA SHOWROOM STEELALU, the new line of architectural hardware allows the designer the flexibility of anodized aluminum finishing, while using a stainless steel base to maintain the versatility of our high grade … We are glad to announce the new issue of pba Catalogue: “ARCHITECTURAL HARDWARE – TAILOR-MADE”. 97 AAW_Italy2015_INVITATION pba will be showing at [email protected] Paris (November 19 – 20) and Milan (November 25 – 26), a platform for architects, interior … Paris – France Paris Event Center 19 / 20 November 2015 pba S.p. The new Program 200F integrates a Ekey Arte reader in a stylish stainless steel AISI 316L … The hand-made sketch of Elica made by Jérôme Brunet is on display at the “15 ans déjà” exhibition organized at La Galerie d’Architecture, to celebrate 15 years of Parisian activity within international contemporary architecture. After using stainless steel, resin and copper, the line conceived for healthcare facilities, employs the pleasantness of the aluminium to enlarge … pba’s Programma CU will be part of a ‘Copper Hospital’ at this year’s MEDICA taking place in Düsseldorf November 12th -15th 2014, Stand B03 Hall 14.The Royal Gardens of Venice, situated between Piazza San Marco and the Bacino di San … The VAGUE handle is born from the collaboration between pba and the French AAD Architectures Anne Démians, for the project Les Dunes, Société Générale Val-de-Fontenay, a buildings complex for offices and multifunctional areas of 90.000 m2. The catalogue includes the complete range of products for doors, windows and partitions accessories. Milano – Italy Mi Co Milano Congressi 25 / 26 novembre 2015 pba S.p. After being selected for the exhibition Copper in a box, at the Triennale … pba exhibits at The Big 5, the largest construction exhibition in the Middle East.

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