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The Amish are a group of people who prefer simple lifestyles.

They are usually farmers, and they do not use electricity or automobiles.

The ancestors of the Amish came from Germany in the 18th century, and now most of the Amish live in Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Indiana and Ohio, in the United States. They speak an old dialect of German, known as Pennsylvania German.

In most communities the common thing to do would be: have some other guy go ask the girl (preferably someone related to her) if it is OK for them to date.

If she says it is OK he sees her home (from their Sunday night thing, called a "Singeon", which normally ends at - p.m.) and stays at her house till a certain time, some communities midnight, some a.m., and others anywhere between a.m. Some communities they sit on each other's lap, others aren't allowed to touch each other, while still others are allowed to kiss.

Dating really varies between different types of "Amish".

In an unprecedented move, the Lancaster bishops changed the Ordnung to allow certain Amish to use electricty for their businesses.

The idea of losing business because the Amish don't need the Mennonites to provide electricity has Doug furious.

After being confronted by a citizen accusing Merlin and Mary of exploiting the Amish, Mary reveals the dark truth about her past and her community.

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